Introducing Timesheet: Your new favorite planner

Meet Timesheet — the brand-new module in, bringing you a modern and efficient way to manage working hours, events, roadmaps and the overall progress of your projects. Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? Let’s have a look at Timesheet step by step, so that you know exactly what you’re getting with the update.

The Timesheet module brings you five sub-modules with their own set of functionalities to make your daily planning easier.


The Calendar sub-module is your regular planner, but with a few extra features and tweaks that you’re gonna love. It offers a Month, Week, 5-day or 1-day view for easier tracking and better overview, and on the right side it automatically counts the logged data and shows you a statistic of tracked time for the given employee. An activity can be added simply by clicking into the calendar or by clicking on the familiar blue action button, just choose what suits you best.


As the name suggests, this sub-module shows the user a list of all of their and their teams ’logged non-work activities together with their details and approval status. This way, the team can better align their holidays and absences. It offers lots of customization options so that you can only choose to see the data you need. This sub-module also features the smart juno filter that will come in handy when looking for something specific. You can also use this screen to add a new activity via the blue action button.


In Requests, an admin gets an overview of activities submitted for approval. The types of activities that will need to be approved will be pre-defined by the admin. The user with admin approval permissions will use this sub-module to review and approve requested off-work activities. This way, only appointed admins will have access to and responsibility over submitted requests coming from employees.


A good management can’t be good without thorough reporting. Our robust Reports sub-module gives you just that. Filter out the dates, date ranges, activity types, teams, users or projects and receive a to-the-point report of your selected data, in PDF or XLS. You can use them for performance overviews, payroll, stakeholder updates or for better future planning.


We strive to make as flexible and adjustable as possible, so in the Settings menu you can choose how to set up your Timesheet module to best serve your needs and purposes — does your week start on Sunday or Monday? Do you work with 24-hour or 12-hour format? Do you want to brand your timesheet activities to your company’s colors? All that and more makes using Timesheet a unique and highly personalized experience.

All of the sub-modules differ in Admin mode and User mode and the settings thereof are treated in the Permissions settings of That means that you can clearly set who can and can not approve requested items, view other team’s calendars or edit entries. This gives you full control over the time management process removing any blind spots.

Timesheet runs on modern technologies using smart juno filter and offers you a wide range of options and adjustments to make a mundane activity of time management a fun and intuitive thing to do.

Start using Timesheet now and start looking forward to every day!

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