juno.one can be used in any industry. Let’s take a look at where juno.one can make your life easier.


Full package of features
juno.one comes to you with a full package of features required for a smooth agile management of your software development. Keep your backlog for particular projects all in one place, assign tasks, collaborate on them and keep track of the KPIs.

Effective during your SW development
Need a dashboard for your active sprint? No problem! juno.one provides you a user-friendly stage to see all tasks in specific statuses, use the drag&drop feature anywhere. Your daily standups have never been easier!

Supervise your work
It’s time to test the new product. And our tool has all you need to come to the market with a perfectly tested software — keep an eye on all bugs, run automated tests, and much much more!

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Tools you will appreciate
juno.one reduces your testing effort, improves resource utilization, speed, and quality of your tests.

Available tools:

  • Capture the test requirements
  • Assist in designing the test cases
  • Map the test cases to the requirements
  • Generate test execution reports
  • Integrate juno.one with JIRA and Jenkins
  • And much more

Great teamwork and work organization
juno.one enables the teams to create and save test cases, plan, execute the tests, create and save reports, create milestones and requirements, all that from one place.

This makes it easy for everyone in the team to know what is happening, what to do, what the responsibilities are and more, without using a chain of emails or chats.

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Always have a clear overview of the status of your issues
juno.one has many uses, one of which is issue/bug tracking.

This software is meant for internal bug tracking, so when team members find bugs and issues while testing products, they can report it to product development. Any employee can create and submit an issue, and issues can also be imported from a variety of sources, such as Excel or CSV.

Practical possibilities of integration

You can integrate juno.one with

  • JIRA
  • GitLab
  • Slack

…and sync the bugs and tasks between them.

Cooperation, the best solution, efficiency
juno.one allows teammates to work on an issue at the same time which is beneficial because it ensures every ticket is getting solved as efficiently as possible.

Track and manage your issues effectively
Whether you are dealing with complex agile development or any other issues for your important customer, you need to be in order in your work. At juno.one, you will certainly appreciate the Scrum board and Kanban structure, providing optimal space for the entire issue management. Within the Scrum Board, you will always be informed about the status of your tasks and their deadlines.

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Project management for everyone
juno.one aids to assist an individual or team to effectively organize work and manage projects and tasks. It’s completely customizable so the features can fit the needs of teams of different sizes and with different goals.

What you can find in project management

  • Planning/scheduling — Project management tools allow you to plan and delegate work all in one place with tasks, subtasks, folders, templates, workflows, and calendars.
  • Collaboration — Email is no longer the only form of communication. Use project management tools to assign tasks, add comments, organize dashboards, and for proofing & approvals.
  • Documentation — Avoid missing files with file management features: editing, versioning, & storage of all files.
  • Evaluation — Track and assess productivity and growth through resource management & reporting

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Project tracking
It’s never been simpler to keep track of your campaigns. Create a project, assign tasks to your marketing managers and have a successful project on your way!

Run the report feature to get the most of your own data in the way that you need. Prepare a specific detailed report template and fill it with data with just a click of a button. Of course, the results can be shared to juno.one users, just select them and all is sent right away.

Marketing and promotional materials
juno.one also serves as a storage for your files so you could collaborate on them easily. Upload your materials and use juno.one as a vault from

Roadmap & workflows
Decide what your milestones are and make your own roadmap or workflow without any issues. Your milestones can be connected to your epics for better management of the roadmap fulfillment.

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Communicate and work across the world
In these days we all appreciate tools which help our business while working remotely across the globe.

juno.one is no exception and when used daily, you will enjoy the benefits:

Lowered business expenses

  • juno.one works as a collaboration tool
  • Reporting features remove the need of paperwork
  • No need of assigning tasks on personal meetings — every user will see the tasks in their pipelines

Increased productivity

Better disaster preparedness

  • All your data is stored, encrypted and ready for use at any given time
  • In case of local data loss, our support team will help you with the data revival

Improved employee satisfaction

  • Our features provide enormous help in everyday routine
  • User-friendly platform helps understand all the functions without the need of training
  • Fast environment gets you all the data within a fragment of a second

Communicate remote quickly and efficiently with Voice solution
During the course of your work, you may need to communicate with another team, colleague or clients remotely, in which case you will certainly appreciate the Voice application, which allows you to easily connect via a secure call. You simply start an online call in just a few steps and then you can work on your project without interruption.

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With juno.one you can also build a house
While the Agile methodology was initially designed for software development, it can be applied to nearly any large-scale project in any industry, market, and company, including construction.

Whatever area you focus on, all you have to do is start a project, set a schedule, divide tasks into time sections, oversee budget status, adhere to orders, and assign tasks to solvers.

Think strategically during a construction project
Agile project management dictates that you first think of a project at the strategic level, and then break it down into the tactical level. This practice of breaking a project down into smaller parts helps ensure frequent and consistent delivery. It also enables you to structure any project to be more flexible and adaptive to changes.

A tool with unlimited possibilities
In juno.one, there you can do anything you want, for example — decide to create a project to build a house that will take twelve months. You can easily break this schedule to months, weeks or days. Imagine that this is a project that you can, like any other, divide and plan as needed.

You can devide each parts of project to sprints or intervals. Perhaps the first sprint will be preparing and laying the foundation. The second sprint will involve constructing the rough framing, and so on.

If you plan well and solve one sprint after another, you can create the impossible and juno.one can help you with that.

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Be agile and creative
Whether you’re working in movie industry or any other creative branch, we will help you coordinate and manage the essential parts of your projects

juno.one’s agile way of project management can help even in creative industries.

The art sprint
In every creative project, a Sprint typically involves sketching, prototyping, review, visual design, and testing. The project can go back for a review at any stage depending on the client’s feedback.

juno.one provides you with all project management tools you need to succeed even in creative projects! Assign tasks to graphic designers, collaborate with stakeholders, check/test the results that were created and see if they can be applied in a movie, art gallery and anywhere else.

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