juno.one in Lisbon: Our report from Web Summit 2022

Web Summit is an annual event taking place in Lisbon that brings together 71,000+ people, and the companies redefining the tech industry. That’s an opportunity that couldn’t be missed by the juno.one team. Michal, Dominik and Pavel flew South to introduce juno.one to the masses and to breathe the air buzzing with great networking opportunities, innovation, tech inventions and brilliant ideas — so let’s have a look at their reports from the journey.

Michal: Based on our previous experience at Web Summit 2021, we decided we need to go again next year. I hope that it will be the same case next year. Lisbon is promoting this event over social media, so we found out initially about it online. Portugal is also boosting its startup potential, so its something worth looking into.

Dominik: Learned about it from my boss at work.

Pavel: My boss told me and ask me to go there to represent our company.

Michal: I am based in Bratislava, had a short flight from Vienna, and everything went as planned. Luckily no funny stories here 🙁 On the other hand, travelling in Lisbon can contain, missing or non-functional ticket machines, delayed trains, and traffic jams everywhere.

Dominik: I would say that it was a typical European flight like to any other destination. Nothing extraordinary, I was hoping that the flight would be little bit shorter.

Pavel: Journey was great as I like traveling, one day before the event I picked up some promotional stuff at the office and headed to the airport, where I met my collage, then we had a flight straight to the Lisbon. Half of the plane were people traveling to the Summit as well. After landing we took a taxi to the hotel and went to explore a city a bit.

Michal: Networking and promotion potential of Web Summit was greater than last year, so that’s a plus.

Dominik: I was not sure what I was getting myself into. I must say that I was overwhelmed by how huge event the summit was and how many people attended it.

Pavel: I would say it fulfill my expectations, a lot of interesting people, projects and masterclasses.

Michal: Wake up early.

Wait loooooooong queue for entrance.

Get most of the day, eat tasty food, listen to inspirational talks.

Dive into the local culture and experience the cool neighborhoods, for example Cais do Sodré was great with its Night Summit!

Sleep when you are dead.

Dominik: Woke up around 8 AM, met with my colleagues on breakfast and then we went straight to web summit. We had to usually wait there around 30 to 45 minutes in line, which usually resulted in us being very tired upon arrival and missing our first talks which we had in schedule. After getting into the summit, we usually spent the whole day attending interesting talks, meeting other people and learning about their products. After that we went back to the hotel, changes clothes and headed for another evening event (whichever had free tickets for the day)

Pavel: We woke up about 8am, had a breakfast and the we went to the conference, stood the line (around 45 min), at the conference we tried to make connections, meet new people and also visit some interesting lectures on different topics like design, crypto and startups.

Michal: Prepare better:

Our whole promotion on exhibition day was a booth containing our logo, short text and QR code.

What we need is to adapt our product to the latest technology. Our whole one-liner on our booth, needs to be slick, polished and showcasing our best features.

That blockchain and AI are buzzwords of today. If we want to grab investors or customers’ attention, JunoOne should focus on using these technologies.

Dominik: For me I would say that the key strengths of a Web Summit are actually networking with people, rather than trying to go there hoping that you will spend most of your time learning about new technologies.

Pavel: Connections and advices from the best Entrepeneur and CEOs in the business.

Michal: What is the next best thing? If your product is the best and top of the line, it is good for you. But if you look closely, who are your competitors and what is the next best option? It is an interesting point of view how to sell your product

Pavel: Yes, a few inspiration speeches about leadership and how to build a project from a scratch. Super innovative for me was AI technology in combination with drones.

Michal: Except Web Summit, there were few others that needs mentioning

Wine Summit — we got to tase some delicious Portuguese wines

Surprise Concert of David Guetta and Armin Van Buuren

Night Summit for lite bit of party and better part of networking

Dominik: During the day, there were mostly talks from other successful companies/people. At night you could attend all sort of events like Pub Crawls, Startup meetups, Investor events or even visit David Guetta concert.

Pavel: Lectures, masterclasses, meetups, networking, some games on different topics.

Michal: General response of our leads was to acknowledge the need for this kind of software, and their open mind for a change. We need to follow up on these talks from home. That is what this is about, make connections a build on top of that.

Dominik: I would say positive, a lot of people were interested in the app, they were asking follow up questions, but I am not sure how many will actually try it.

Pavel: Reactions were good in general, but in most cases, people didn’t have chance to try Juno properly, so we expect more feedbacks in upcoming days and weeks.

Michal: Top quote of the conference: “Elon hasn’t got a clue what he’s doing” — former Twitter exec

Queues that were for everything. From the main entrance to ticket machines for public transport.

Dominik: We saw David Guetta, that was cool.

Pavel: As a part of the afterparty there were sets by Armin van Buuren and David Guetta, so that was one hell of a party after a busy day of tech networking.

A big thank you goes to the guys for taking juno.one on this awesome journey. Stay tuned for more news and tips from us!

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