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3 min readApr 26, 2022


Anyone who’s ever worked in software testing would probably agree that testing is not an easy task. It involves thorough preps, attention to detail and the ability to document each and every step of any action taken or issue encountered. It’s a key role in the world of software development (well, right after software developers) and as such, we want all testers to feel seen, heard and appreciated, because without you guys, we’d all just be drowning in bugs, and that’s… Not a pleasant thought.

We at juno.one always strive to make everyone’s life easier — not just for our clients, but for our own team as well. While thinking about improving the quality of life of testers across the world (it’s needed, let’s face it), we came up with a brilliant idea.

Imagine a world in which you get a live feed of your test plan runs, with a clear statistical overview of your entire test plan and its test runs — past or present. Sounds like a tester’s wet dream, right?

Well, for testers using juno.one it’s a daily reality.

We have come up with a dedicated Test Module that gives you detailed test plan statistics, so that whenever you open the tool, you know exactly where you’re at and you can just pick up right where you left off.

How does it work, you ask?

Within each test plan you create, you receive an overview of the total number of test cases included in the test plan. These cases then get separated into individual groups based on their status (see image A).

Pretty neat, huh? But it does not even end there. We really want to make sure that viewing your testing data is as clear, as customizable and as convenient as possible. So, in our Reporting Module, we have added a separate widget that shows you all the data in a graph or pie chart, to make your exported reports look all fancy and stuff (see image B).

Plus, everything gets saved and archived, so you can always look at your test plans from 2009 and marvel at the progress you’ve made in decreasing the number of bugs, right? Yeah, no. But you get the point.

The main benefits of implementing test plan statistics in juno.one are:

  1. Easy progress tracking
  2. Straightforward overviews
  3. Customizable reporting
  4. Significant time-saving
  5. All information is archived for later review

If you love your testers and want to do something nice for them, get them juno.one and make their lives 100% easier. A happy tester is a good tester — we would know.

Visit juno.one and see for yourself how you can benefit from using it as a test management tool.

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